Wind Centerpiece

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A wonderful ceramic object that gives the feeling of breathing the crisp air alongside a lake.

The wind posses a magic in itself and although we may be able to perceive it we cannot see it.
Rather, what we see is everything that is dragged, pushed or simply brushed by the wind. The wind is moody in character as it can sometimes be agitated and destructive and other times dance calmly and sweetly. The ceramic centerpiece Wind is perfect to hold valuable objects or edible delicacies. It can also be used to enhance your interior as a stand alone art piece. In any situation, the ceramic centerpiece Wind becomes the protagonist of the scene.

You can make the ceramic centerpiece unique and distinct and customize it according to your tastes, your needs and your furnishing requirements, from the elegant finishings. We have added also aded a Swarovski crystal butterfly to give a touch of grace.


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