Venice Bowl

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The Venezia collection is one the most prestigious set of ceramic items ever produced.

The big ceramic bowl Venezia has been inspired by the famous windows of the city.
The ceramic bowl is rich in personality and ideal to support a plant. It is perfect as backdrop to use as part of an exhibition or to put anywhere in your home.

The art Venice collection is made of ceramic and porcelain and can be customized according to your needs. With this collection you are able to choose your own preferred finishing, from gold 24 carat to platinum as well as from the most valuable lusters such as white, ivory, turquoise, red or black, and prestigious Swarovski crystals.

This bowl isa tribute to the great capital of the past, rich, charming, opulent, mysterious and sophisticated. The ceramic cup has a great artistic value and you can show it off proudly as it illuminates your distinct style for culture and creative taste.


- This Bowl is available in three variants:
White and Platinum
Red and pure Gold
Turquoise and pure Gold

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