Scirocco Luxury Home Scents

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Embracing the Mediterranean warmth like a warm breeze laden with the fragrance of oranges and cinnamon drifting upwards from North Africa and Sicily.
The invigorating effect of citrus fruit blends with sensuous cinnamon scent helps stimulate creativity and the spirit.

Imagine crystal clear water that foams and breaks on a white beach or  verdant slopes that rise gently, among olive trees and pines. Listen to the undertow that gently cradles your thoughts with its rhythm. Feel the warm breeze of Sirocco caressing your sun kissed and salty skin.
This, is summer, a season where everything slows down with the rising heat that leads us to take our time and invites us to relax. Scirocco is like the hot and dry wind that reaffirms the burning heat of summer offering a long-lasted companionship. Summer likes to play tricks on us, bringing stolen sands from distant desserts and sprinkling it like a dew of mist over our cities.
Summerís warm embrace makes us appreciate its caprices putting a smile on our face when we imagine the distant lands from which the heat has traveled from. Scirocco is a fragrance that smells of spices like cinnamon, both sweet and spicy. The full-bodied aroma of this spice has something sensual and exotic calling to mind a crowded souk full of merchants that compete to exhibit their goods, triggering a desire to dip your hands in a hot and spicy couscous.Sweet and voluptuous the aroma of cinnamon is contrasted with the scent of fresh orange, in a marriage that excites senses and spirit.
Citrus scent makes us think of warm and sunny Sicily, land of ancient traditions, exotic scents and languid sounds. The combination of orange and cinnamon transports us to Morocco where the fruit is transformed into a powder and mixed with cinnamon and sugar to create a refreshing and invigorating sweet freshness which gives relief from the heat. Scirocco plays on duality, on contrasts that create harmony, and reminds us of familiar and . It is an enveloping and invigorating scent that  stimulates creativity and imagination. The essence in the diffuser lightens up the environment not only with its scent, but also with its bright and exuberant color of a cardinal orange-yellow.


Reed-type air fresheners with clear glass essential oil flask, 250 and 500 ml vol
available with elegant, refined packaging.

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