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A soft summer breeze with the scent of roses, lavender, and drops of amber.
The balancing power of roses complements the relaxing lavender scent to naturally promote a sense of  tenderness and love.

Ponente is like the wind of spring blowing from the West bringing with it a pleasant warmth and promises of good weather after the long winter season.
The fragrance smells of refreshing and relaxing  lavender and evokes memories of newly washed and clean linen as well as long evenings spent outside relishing the cool air. Tensions from a long day working are magically reduced, bringing a relaxed smile to oneís face.

The essence of lavender also lies within its delicate color.
Its pale purple with hints of azure blues are reflective in the spring blue skies.
The smell and thought of lavender transports us in an instant to the endless fields of lavender in Provence where the delicate color of flowers are kissed by the blue cloudless skies. The West wind caresses the sea of flowers creating soft waves that carry the delicate fragrance of lavender.
Ponente also has hints of sweet rose, the flower of love which creates harmony to the senses and spirit. The Queen of the garden with her warm and luxurious sweetness lends her velvety fragrance to suggest an opulent vitality.
In its base notes hide precious drops of amber stirring up the senses of primitive and free spirituality. Ponente possess special characteristics that perfectly balance associated aromas to give greater presence and depth.
This combination creates an alluring, enveloping and vital fresh scent providing both a sophisticated and classy mixture of enchanting and calming fragrance.

Reed-type air fresheners with clear glass essential oil flask, 250 and 500 ml vol
available with elegant, refined packagi

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