Parrot Cockatoo

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The cockatoo is a type of parrot which has 21 various species. The birds are normally found in Australia, Philippines and eastern Indonesian islands. The most recognizable feature of the cockatoo is its decadent crest and curved bill. Its crest almost makes the bird look like a Roman century about to go into battle. Generally their crest, cheeks and tail are colorful whereas their plumage is either white, grey or black. Cockatoos nourish themselves with seeds, tubers, fruit, flowers and insects.
Cockatoos are special as they often feed in large flocks keeping each other company. Even more impressive they are monogamous, finding on partner and staying with them for years at a time. These small little creatures create their homes in tree hollows as to protect themselves and their little ones from danger and bad weather. In Australia there is even an island Cockatoo Island that is one of the largest islands that had sandstone knolls. Between 1857 and 1991 Cockatoo Island was one of Australia’s biggest shipyards. In 2010 UNESCO proclaimed the island as a World Heritage Site.

As these birds are native to Australia and neighboring territories it was not until 1496 that there was the depiction in Europe in a painting by Andrea Mantegna titled Madonna della Vittoria. Cockatoos were amongst some of the plants and animals that were presented as decorative motifs in Federation architecture of the early 20th century. There a couple police dramas from the 1970’s that featured protagonists with pet cockatoos. The 973 film Serpico, Al Pacino’s character has a white cockatoo

The ceramic charismatic cockatoo belongs to the beautiful and innovative Country collection, which is inspired by the world of animals and is made with pure natural colors. The Country cockatoo is completely handmade by very adept Italian artists and represents the ‘Made In Italy’ brand. This ceramic cockatoo statue comes to life using the prestigious Keramnext material, which combines the properties of ceramics with those of porcelain, reducing waste and energy consumption. While at the same time creating a product that has the lightness and fine detail of porcelain. The Country cockatoo is a ceramic accessory for the most ambitious and unique style, perfect for any place in your home or office. Find the statue ceramic parrot that most suits your artistic tastes.

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