Crumpled paper centerpiece

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This hand-decorated centerpiece is unusual and extraordinary, and perfect to hold fruit, sweets, small things or even stand alone in all of its glory. This piece fits in every context from modern to classic, catching the eye of any passerby.

A simple piece of paper
When paper first started to be produced it was a valuable material, that couldn’t be wasted. Today it is considered a disposable item. How often we took a sheet of paper, crumpled it up and thrown it in the waste basket? But what if somebody were to take this sheet and makes it something new? Ahura has done exactly this, taken a crumpled piece of paper and carefully stretched it out and turned it into a piece of art. Ahura has take a light and weak material and transformed it into something strong: ceramic porcelain. And if this wasn’t enough, Ahura masters covered it with bronze.

A pair of old peasants’ shoes
Would you ever display an old worn and dirty pair of peasant shoes in your living room? Doesn’t seem like the most appropriate choice of art does it? Yet, Vincent Van Gogh took a pair of old shoes and made of painting of them calling it ‘A pair of shoes’. The Dutch painter dignified them with his art, depicting the finest details: dusty laces, mud, the bend of the shoe from walking for a long time. This footwear seems to be just left on the floor by a farmer after a long day of work.

Art for life
Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh does not leave spectators untouched as both his personal story and his art have the capacity to move even the coldest of people. Van Gogh lived as young missionary in the poor mining region called Borinage which is depicted in his early works showing the lowliest people, like ‘The Potato Eaters’. Thanks to the artist, ‘A pair of shoes’ we don’t just see a pair of shoes but the farmer’s strain, his hard work and his worries (Will I eat? Will I be able to feed my family? Will I keep my house?) Thanks to the artist, those ugly shoes can depict a mood, a feeling and a life.

Trompe l’œil
Art dignifies us allowing us to observe with a new set of eyes things we are used to seeing everyday. Let’s take paper as an example: it is an ordinary and cheap material that can be defined almost as poor. We can find it in every room of our house: in the kitchen there is the shopping list, in the living room the newspaper, in the bedroom a novel, even in the bathroom we can find magazines. Notepads, advertising leaflets, handbooks, bound books, newspapers…the list is never ending. By now, we don’t even notice paper crowding our everyday life. Although technology aims to replace paper, it is still a common and used item.
Ahura’s centerpiece makes something magical happen: a wrinkled sheet of paper becomes an original and valuable work of art.



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