Octopus ceramic lamp

SKU: 0043L/LAO

- Ceramic table lamps
- Hand painted pottery
- G
old decorations
- Lustre finish
- Glamour design perfect for luxury homes
- Part of the glamour lighting collection
- Made in Italy

Inspired by the hidden secrets of the sea world, the handcrafted Polyp ceramic and porcelain lamp will add a bright touch to the ambience.

This lamp hols the charm and the secrets of the sea in your favorite environments.
How many mysteries, how many legends and how many spells have found place in the depth of the sea and the ocean?

An uncountable number of stories have been written of what lies in this so alluring and mysterious place under the sea. Even today dreamers and writers remain fascinated by the underwater world.

It is no coincidence that such a talented writer as Julius Verne took his inspiration from the underwater world writing of the adventures of Captain Nemo who, aboard the Nautilus submarine, experienced many out of the ordinary vicissitudes.
Even the famous fabulist Andersen was so impressed by this world that he wrote a moving story about the Little Mermaid, intimately illustrating the clear link between man and the sea.
It is true though, that human beings get shocked every time they discover something new about the underwater life. Where as all the inhabitants of the sea seem to already poses all the answers on the infinite mysteries of the sea.

Fish of every shape and color such as sea urchins and sea stars, crustaceans and mollusks, all participate in the wallowing game of the sea. They move and dance with every tide that rises and falls. The polyp a proud, stubborn and independent animal finds refuge in the vastness and darkness of the sea. The polyp is very intelligent as it silently scrutinizes the environment floating over rocks and cracks where it camouflages itself, listening to the sound of the sea.
It has eight tentacles with suckers which allow it to eject ink to defend itself from predators and to attack its prey.

These characteristics have lead men to interpret the polyp in different ways. For example, for the Greeks the polyp was the symbol of evil, in esotericism it was the symbol of the death’s embrace, in Japanese culture the agitated tentacles became the symbol of the greed of tyrannical regimes that were oppressing its people. But the polyp is also a symbol of the independence of individuals, the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones, the bond that releases man from negativity and the threats of life joining the most valuable circumstances.

Unusual, majestic and combative this lamp is for the lovers of the sea. The handcrafted ceramic lamp is a tribute to the underwater world. The ceramic lighting depicts the polyp hanging on a glazed coral, assuring itself not to lose it’s grip.Very sophisticated, this unique and original Ahura ceramic production is suitable for any exclusive environment. The ceramic lamp, entirely handmade and hand-decorated, is embellished in 24 carat gold. It has been designed and manufactured by the finest Italian artisans. The ceramic lamp Polyp is one of those Ahura handmade ceramic objects that can belong to different collections and styles, inspired by the animal world and made of pure natural colors.


Made with "KERAMNEXT" that mixes the best of ceramics and porcelain

Takes one maximum 100 watt or equivalent bulb (not included) 

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