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The swan is characterized by a proud posture and an imperial gaze and is one of the most independent and distinctive characters in the animal world.Furthermore, it is a symbol of beauty and finesse representing the aesthetic pleasures. The symbol of the swan is weaved into poetry, song and the performing arts. One of the most famous tributes to the swan is the ballet Swan Lake that mystifies the audience with the enchanting ‘swan song’. The song is so sweet and so tender, that it can move even the coldest of the hearts.

The swan is also a constellation called Cygnus and is one of the largest and better known groupings of stars in the Milky Way. The swan is a creature that connects heaven and earth as it flies through the skies with its majestic wings but also finds refuge living on the earth in lakes or ponds. The symbolism of the swan can be traced through history beginning with Greek mythology and extending through to Arab, Christian and Nordic cultures.The swan was the Templar emblem of those who were searching for the Holy Grail, the most wanted and mysterious cup ever described in the western history books. Swans were also messengers of the Celtic gods, which connected the terrestrial kingdom with Walhalla, the underworld.

Ahura offers this high value product that can make your environment unique and exclusive.
The artwork is fully handmade with Keramnext and is undoubtedly a piece of art with a great prestige. Fitting properly in varying circumstances and contexts, this masterpiece is suitable for decorations, a collection or to store inside valuable objects.

- This Swan is available in four size and three variants:
Ivory and pure Gold
Pure Gold


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