Mother and baby giraffe kiss

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The giraffe is the tallest living terrestrial animal. Its most distinguishing characteristics are its extremely long neck and legs as well as its distinctive coat patterns. Giraffes can be found in both northern and southern Africa and inhabit the savannahs, grasslands and open woodlands.The giraffe has intrigued many cultures through the centuries for its peculiar appearance, having been featured in paintings, books and cartoons.
The giraffe also has several symbolic meanings for example, the giraffe is a messenger and encourages us to extend our vision, stretching ourselves beyond our comfort zone and reaching as far as we can. The giraffe often appears in visions or dreams when one needs a little reminder of our own inner potential. The giraffe also symbolizes good vision as its height lets its see far beyond the horizon.

There are some historical accounts that say that Caesar brought a giraffe back from Alexandria in 46 BC and was the first giraffe to be see in Europe. An extraordinary creature the Romans were mesmerized by this animal that was part camel, part leopard. In late 1487 the sultan of Egypt presented a giraffe to Lorenzo Medici to establish better diplomatic relations with Florence against the Ottoman Turks. No matter what time in history the giraffe has always been considered an extraordinary animal.

This Ahura creation that portrays the sweet moment between a mother and baby giraffe has been designed and so delicately crafted that it will add charm to any room. This ceramic statue comes to life using the prestigious Keramnext material, which combines the properties of ceramics with those of porcelain, reducing waste and energy consumption. While at the same time creating a product that has the lightness and fine detail of porcelain. This piece is perfect to give on Mother’s Day or to give to a new mother. A charming and special moment captured and suspended in time with the help of Keramnext.

Ronzan was a famous manufacturer of porcelain. The brand was acquired by Ahura, now the company is giving new life to those historical models with new design and finishes.
The giraffe is inspired by the animal world and made with pure natural colors.


- This Giraffe is available in two size and two variants:
Pure natural colors with artistic interpretation
Pure natural colors with realistic interpretation


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