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This scent renews your energy with jasmine, white musk, ylang-ylang.
Jasmine's euphoric scent, the delicacy of white musk, and the harmony of ylang-ylang awaken the senses.

Maestrale is a scent of faraway lands reminding us of the tales from the Arabian nights.
The name of the fragrance is in reference to the  Mistral wind  master of navigation,î which brought ancient ships to far away regions of the Mediterranean thanks to Arctic cold currents.
The scent is filled with sweetness of jasmine blends, sensual warmth of Ylang Ylang and the delicacy of white musk. A combination of fragrances which balance each other in harmony.
Jasmine flowers spring up thick and white on dark leaves of evergreen bushes and cover them like a white snow.
Also known as the Queen of the night the jasmine flower releases its fragrance just after sunset. Jasmine is small star-shaped flower, so delicate that it is hard to believe that it can posses such magic and enchant anyone nearby with its lingering and sensual aroma. The sweet and elegant scent constitutes a pleasant feeling of comfort freeing our mind of all thoughts and concerns.
Ylang-ylang is an exotic and mysterious flower that whispers stories of distant lands blanketing its scent like the heat of the Comoros from which it comes from.
Ylang-ylang was the typical scent of the Harem, sensual and languid. Stimulating self-confidence it reassures and calms eradicating all negative emotions.
White musk creates a nice contrast with its fragrance that smells like clean laundry drying in the open air. Its velvety fragrance softens the exotic sensuality of jasmine and ylang ylang communicating a feeling of tenderness and delicacy. Its unmistakable aroma gives a gentle persistence, but does not overpower the notes that accompany the fragrance.
Maestrale embodies a sense of purity while awakening the senses and arousing pleasant emotions which is reflective in its  transparent and clean color.


Reed-type air fresheners with clear glass essential oil flask, 250 and 500 ml vol
available with elegant, refined packaging.

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