Greek column

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Ceramic that can innovate and make your environment really luxurious.

Made with supreme ceramic porcelain and covered with pure white glaze, this column extends a total of 120 cm. It has been hand-painted with 24 carat gold and is a perfect luxury to furnish your home. This column is also perfect to enhance and innovate a luxurious hotel setting.

This column is a mix of classical and neoclassical style and recalls the canons of ceramic columns which makes this item provocative and unique. While the busts demonstrate the iconic firmness of the Italian craftsmen the base eloquently depicts stability, strength and vigor.
It is no surprise that enemies of ancient civilizations destroyed the columns of the temples as a symbol of supremacy and submission of the vanquished.

It can be said that this column is the essence of what the Renaissance stood for: fineness, artistic expression, luxury and innovation. The bright gold color is an ode to the sun and the Gods who help us achieve all life’s successes.

Prestigious, fascinating but also practical, this luxurious Ahura column will help furnish with immense dignity your home, office or any environment that needs to shine bright with splendor.
A noble symbol of wealth and prosperity this column is a representations of art and the historical success of man. If you are looking for a winning solution to enhance your ceramic lamp or other porcelain objects there is nothing better than this ceramic column.

- This Column is available in three size and two variants:
Black and pure Gold
Ivory and pure Gold

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