Lovely ceramic angel

SKU: 1095/AO

- Ceramic Lovely Angel figurine
- Meticulously hand painted by our artisans
- 24Kt gold
- Great gift or fine complement to your décor
- Glamour Design
- Part of the ceramic figurine collection
- Best quality Made in Italy

Add a heavenly touch to any room and arouses tender feelings every time you look at it. 

While angels are spiritual beings that assist and serve the Gods they are also spiritual guardians that protect humans and connect them to celestial and heavenly bodies. Angels watch over us as a mother watches over her child. Angels represent the contact between heaven and earth, they are the intermediaries between God and humanity. They are “messengers” that bear peace and love. Protectors of travelers, good hearted, invulnerable, incorruptible and free from all sin, angels are the pure essence of love. Their task is to express, preserve and satisfy the order and the divine plan that defines the life of each of us: they follow us, guard us and help us.
Angels are the stars that lighten our conscious, the delivers of messages through dreams and the protectors of all the living miracles God put on this earth. Dreaming of angels wings alludes to the desire for change. Both in ancient and in modern art, the angels have been often portrayed as children for their purity and innocence. They are not certainly a novelty: representations of angels appear in the masterworks of Perugino, Beato Angelico, Botticelli and Raffaello.

Ahura pays a tribute to the angels, with a majestic ceramic piece of art.The subject of the ceramic statue is a child, conceived in the style of Raffaello, and is depicted seated with a serene and patient look. The ceramic Angel is a tribute to the guardian angels who protects us and our family.
This ceramic artwork, is glazed in ivory and hand painted in 24 carat gold by Italian artisans.
This handcrafted ceramic Angel fits in many domestic environments and exhibitions, and is suitable for whom is pursuing internal well-being for himself and his family.


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