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Creates tingling sensation in air like a wind blowing from the East with hints of ginger and green tea. The purifying action of green tea matched with ginger helps regenerate and  renew vim and vigor.

As the heat of the summer has weakened Levant carries fresh revitalizing autumn rains. The drops of rain fall to feed the tired and thirsty plants. There is a strong temptation rising from within to go out and let the refreshing droplets kiss you as if you were a child again dancing in the rain with open arms.
The Levante wind comes from the faraway and mysterious East and brings the scent of those lands that for centuries have fascinated us and still enchant our fantasies. Levante encapsulates legends and culture from Marco Poloís China at the end the Silk Road with its rich fabrics, fine china and mysterious traditions to Japan where the culture of tradition and progress go hand-in-hand assimilating strong tastes of tea and zen gardens to India with its kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, people, fragrant spices and lively dances.
The dominant essence of Levante resembles the same clear color of a green tea infusion with light citrus and slightly Woody notes. Its scent invokes the ancient tea ceremony, a series of traditions performed in sequence with concentrated calmness. The scent creates an aura that allows us to take a moment to devote to ourselves, a break to recharge our batteries. It lets us pause for a moment to enjoy feelings of peace, alone or with friends, without too many words. Levante lets our senses be absorbed by the aroma of this particular tea letting us momentarily forget our preoccupations and obligations of our everyday lives.
Embracing this moment of calm and allowing the green tea fragrance to spread in the environment and embrace us with hints of fresh herbs that purify the air and tickle the mind also help revitalize our inner being. The hint of hot and spicy ginger warms the atmosphere providing new and invigorating strength that stimulates the mind and warms our sleepy senses.
Levante harmonizes, purifies and regenerates giving us a new found strength and vigor.


Reed-type air fresheners with clear glass essential oil flask, 250 and 500 ml vol
available with elegant, refined packaging.

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