Half Sphere Cup

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A cup is an impressive object attracting attention and abundance in the house of its owner.
Ahura based its cup set on lace centerpieces and precious hand-made doilies used for protecting surfaces and ornamentation. Lace is crocheted and sometimes knit out of cotton or linen thread and gives a taste of past times. Ahura has taken this sentiment of ‘old’ and translated in a modern and contemporary decoration.The lace which usually placed under the cup is now painted on it and gives birth to an original and graceful ensemble. Bright colors make it a well-balanced piece with various contrast which is enhanced by pure gold.

A very significant object
The cup is symbolizes abundance, the pleasures of life and lavish meals. Wine, represents good faith and enjoyment and since wine was poured into the cup the relationship between the two elements represents the good graces life has to offer. From Ancient Greece to the Middle Ages, from Renaissance to Art Nouveau, the cup has always been at the heart of paintings depicting convivial scenes or as a metaphor of wealth and prosperity.From the table we move to the sport fields, where cup becomes a trophy and a symbol of pride and success.

The Holy Grail
The Holy Grail is the vessel which Jesus used at the Last Supper to serve wine and which Joseph of Arimathea filled with Jesus’ blood after his crucifixion. It gave birth to myths and legend sand inspired tales, novels and most recently, movies.
There are various sources and descriptions of what the cup looked like and what it was made of. For example some believed that the cup was a two-handled silver cup, or a green glass cut out of emerald, an agate cup or a golden dish encrusted with jewels. Steven Spielberg gave an appealing explication in his movie ”Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” the director depicts the Holy Chalice as a simple glass which could be found on a carpenter’s table. According to legend, it has special powers, and is designed to provide happiness, eternal youth and food in infinite abundance. Even now we don’t know where it could be kept. Medieval knights as well as contemporary archaeologists searched for the Grail with no luck. Its fascination has not dissipated, in fact, new speculations have been made that the real Grail is not a cup but a representation of the womb of Mary Magdalene.

At your place
These cups allow you to recreate the luxurious and majestic atmosphere that the history of the cup can captures. Thanks to Ahura’s cup series you can show off a valuable and meaningful work of art.

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