Flying ducks

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Ceramic and porcelain art that becomes alive and takes flight: discover a very special piece of ceramic and porcelain art.

The duck represents loyalty, unity and the pursuit for freedom and has played a significant role
in art and religion.Often sacrificed by the ancient Egyptians and Romans to promote the welfare and the fortune of men, the duck symbolizes the sensitivity, prudence, caution and common sense. This bird also depicts harmony and the strong relationship in a couple, of marital fidelity, of marriage and of motherhood. For instance, if a duck gets injured during the yearly migration to the warmer climate its partner will abandon the journey and the group to stay close to the duck until its recovery or death.Thus, it also becomes a symbol of friendship, protection and teamwork.

The duck is also a symbol of sensitivity, prudence, alertness, caution and common sense.
In ancient times, it was believed that these birds could predict misfortunes and calamities through their squawking. It is not common knowledge that during the glories of the Roman Empire that squawking ducks warned Romans about the arrival of the Gauls, allowing them to organize the armies. This ability to forecast dangers also occurs in dreams, if one dreams of a duck it is said that it is a warning sign.

Furthermore, ducks can fly which represents a sense of freedom. According to Jung, flying is the desire to be free from any kind of restrictions and obstacles that life has imposed on us.
The duck’s migration is a representation of the spiritual quest for rebirth when faced with the most difficult and insurmountable challenges.

For all these reasons, Ahura celebrates the duck in a high-class ceramic and porcelain masterwork. This prestigious piece of art depicts two flying ducks and gives you something that can provide you with a deep sense of liberty, harmony and unforgettable pleasure.
This ceramic statue has been created with the precious material Keramnext patented by Ahura that mixes the properties of ceramic and porcelain. The Flying Ducks is entirely handmade and can be completely customized by choosing the size and the best decorations with 24 carat gold or platinum.

This handcrafted ceramic statue is suitable for a variety of situations, from the homiest daily ambience to the most solemn and eminent exposition. The ceramic animals can be displayed individually or with other Ahura productions.

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