English Bulldog

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Ceramic reproduction of the lovely english bulldog.

The english bulldog is equable and kind, resolute, courageous and has a pacific and dignified demeanor. The breed was first mentioned in literature around the 1500 with a different name, Bondogge. The first reference of the name bulldog as we know it today comes from a letter written in the year 1962 or 1963 by a man named Preswick Eaton. The name bulldog originates from ‘bull baiting’ which was a sport where bets were placed and dogs were meant to bait a tethered bull. For this reason bulldogs have been known to have a aggressive temperament but when properly trained with love and care these dogs can be great companions with a friendly and patient nature.

This is a great gift for those who are seeking something prestigious.

- This dog is available in two variants:
Ivory and pure Gold enriched with Swarovski crystals
White and Platinum enriched with Swarovski crystals


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