Dreamer Woman Floor Lamp

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Discover how you can give a new light to an important corner of your house with these big ceramic floor lamps.

These big ceramic floor lamps are particularly suitable for decorating large villas, palaces, hotels or luxury apartments, these products are very prestigious and have been made by hand with relentless attention to detail. These kinds of ceramic works, require huge amount of time and energy making them incredibly unique. These lamps are made with the finest materials like the famous keramnext to archive superior quality of detail, durability and unsurpassed elegance. These lamps are made with high percentage (20%) 24 carat gold, murano blown glass and Swarovski crystals. Even the wiring is carefully controlled and monitored in detail, these type of products have to pass more than 5 different quality controls and must be checked at every step to ensure that the quality and perfection is Ahura approved and guaranteed. We do not produce ceramic products lacking in grace.

- This Floor lamp is available in two variants:
Salmon luster color and pure Gold with Swarovski and crystals chain
Traditional blue color and pure gold with Swarovski and crystals chain

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