Dancing woman ceramic clock

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- Ceramic Clock Dancing Woman
- Meticulously hand painted by our artisans
- 24Kt gold
- Add a touch of elegance and style to any room
- Luxury gifts collection
- Glamour Design
- Part of the ceramic figurine collection
- Best quality Made in Italy


A Made in Italy artistic statue celebrating the beauty that wins against time.

 This piece has been inspired by the rhythm of music and the passing of time. The subject is a young woman depicted dancing with a cloth that floats gently in circular movements as the hands of the clock tick keeping the rhythm of her dance. This maiden represents purity, innocence and charm. If we wait patiently we might even be able to hear music and melodies.
Dance has been an important art form that has crossed through centuries and has served to pay homage to the gods, to the dead, to loved ones, to wish good luck, for religious celebrations, for the rites of passage, to accompany courtship, to pay tribute to work and for pure entertainment.
Yet, the true message of this artwork is inherent in the figure itself, a dame overwhelmed with sweetness and love that dances her heart out. Her dance recalls the dance of the moon, which rotates around the earth controlling the tides. The fabric that she holds almost resembles the waves of the ocean that gently flow rhythmically and guide her in her dance. Her partner, the moon, holds her hand and leads her in the solemn dance of the night. This reflects a moment that is imprinted on our memory, a moment that makes it seem like time has stopped and where all our fears melt away.
The dance that knows no end, inspired by the pursuit of pleasure.
This masterwork is handcrafted by our most capable Italian artisans. The clock is made of porcelain and ceramic and decorated with 24 carat gold.
This handmade piece of art by Ahura, is a perfect ceramic and porcelain gift for your home environment. Suitable for a glorious exhibition or a high class collection.

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