Ceramic vase with handles and gold accents

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The elegance of Neoclassical style coupled with grace and preciousness gold.

The handles of this vase are shaped like a branch of laurel. Pure gold finishing makes this piece bright and light. Its clean lines make the vase elegant and unforgettable. Spiga vase is made of Keramnext, the original patent by Ahura, which mixes the best qualities both of ceramic and of porcelain.

Exquisite balance
The choice of these chromatic tones enliven this series, addressing a delicate taste which opposes excess and insolence. White and gold bring a sense of movement thanks to the succession of light and shadow. Cerulean blue reminds us of the sky in spring and brings serenity and composure. Dark blue imitates calm and unchanging abyss of the sea.

Hebe, the cupbearer for the gods
Hebe was the daughter of Zeus and Hera; she is also considered the goddess of youth. She used to serve nectar and ambrosia to gods and goddesses during their feasts. Italian sculptor Antonio Canov depicted her in some of his most famous statues. The artist represented a bare-breasted Hebe coming down from a cloud, with flowing peplos around her legs. Her right arm lifted above her head held a small amphora called oinochoe, which were used to pour wine into calyxes. Her left hand gently holds a calyx, which looks like it was just taken off the table to be filled.

Nectar and ambrosia
In ancient Greek mythology, nectar and ambrosia were told to be the nourishment of gods; we don’t know exactly what kind of food it was and where it originated from. Humans were forbidden to eat the food of the gods. In mythology, Tantalus committed the crime of offering nectar and ambrosia to his guests and for this was condemned to be eternally hungry and thirsty. Gods, therefore, could only eat mythical substances which we have no modern description for.

Neoclassical splendour
Ceramic porcelain Spiga vase is an emblem of Neoclassical art: its clean lines and its pure gold details suggest delicate motion. You can chose between three sizes, from the noble and majestic biggest one, to the elegant and charming smallest one.


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