Ceramic vase with golden garlands ornaments

SKU: V280/40/NEWC3

Modern ceramic porcelain vase inspired to Neoclassicism

Clean lines and bell-shaped this vase makes delightful contrast with luxury decoration.

The shape of this vase is clearly contemporary; its clear and its simple outlines open like the calyx of a flower exalted by pure gold decoration.

Party music
The shape of this vase is like that of a trumpet, the brass instrument that has deep roots extending back to Ancient Egypt. Over the centuries the trumpet has maintained an important role as it is used to make public pronouncements or used as a call of war. The trumpet was also used in medieval tournaments to mark the commencement of games. These pastimes are so evocative that our imaginations stir up images of magic, wizards, elves and dragons.

All that jazz
The trumpet is also symbolic of jazz. It originated in African American communities in the early 20th century, specifically in New Orleans, a melting pot of races and cultures. Jazz is a pure improvisation with deep emotion. An unforgettable trumpet player was Louis Armstrong, who said: ‘Every time I close my eyes blowing that trumpet of mine – I look right in the heart of good old New Orleans… It has given me something to live for.’

Horn of plenty
The horn belongs to the brass family. The first ever horns, in fact, were made from animal horns. Ancient Greek and Roman myths talk about the ‘horn of plenty’ called Cornucopia, which was a magic object overflowing with flowers, fruits and sometimes gold, symbolizing nourishment and good life.

Precious like gold
Under a stage light a trumpet can look like gold. Gold is the main character of this bell vase, which is decorated with pure gold drawings inspired by Neoclassical art. Acanthus leaves and garlands cover the vase like winding waves. This vase is an original and fine piece and will be appreciated by anyone who has an elegant and modern style.


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