Ceramic vase with festoon design | Aurora

SKU: 1951/1/HQO

Ceramic porcelain Aurora vase inspired by English New Classicism

This majestic and elegant vase stands out in any ambience.

English sobriety
England has always had a characteristic style, sober and elegant, in every expression of art and life. While there are some aspects that portray English style as formal and sometimes even cold there is also another side that is more showy and lavish.
For example, if you think about ladies’ hats at Royal Ascot. If we measure between these two points of extremism one can find a middle ground that is more balanced and somewhat somber. In England, a Gentleman has been characterized as having both taste in clothing and in furnishing, respecting consolidated statements. Such a calm politeness inspires these stylistic and chromatic choices.

Graceful art
In the arts, English taste embraces moderation cross-Channel trends, becoming an important reference point for a calm and elegant style.
During the 18 century, Europe was fascinated with the madness of Rococo, playing with excesses of Baroque style exaggerating its curly and complex decorations. Neoclassicism was borne out of the desire to contrast this surplus of details; it recovered Ancient Greek calm grandeur. English 19th century style was characterized by curve and clean lines, pastels, graceful and light ornaments.

Valuable pieces of furniture
You need just a few skilful adjustments to add a touch of class to a space by arranging furniture to make the room more spacious, playing with lighting to highlight characteristic spots or even adding a piece of art. We usually think that to be noticed we need to be flashy, but clamour always brings confusion. Whether we crave attention or not it is better to do so in a classy and mannerful way. As they say: a gesture is worth a thousand words; one select work of art is worth a thousand knick-knacks.
Aurora Vase embodies the typical English sobriety; its gentle shape is decorated by both neoclassical and contemporary elements, interlacing two unique periods. Color choices are graceful and elegant.

Aurora was the Latin goddess of dawn, daughter of the Sky and sister of the Sun and the Moon. Her morning flight through the sky announces the arrival of the sun. She is depicted as a young woman driving a chariot.After the darkness of the night, the sky lights up, taking color from white to pink, from lilac to pale blue. Actually this color is painted on one of the two editions of Aurora vase, like an homage to a almost finished moment, to the acme of a daily event which is never the same. At the same time, the white and gold edition brings all the expectation of the dawn, when the night is almost over and the day has not yet come.

Precious decoration
New Classicism introduced a refreshing change to the arts: taking inspiration from Domus Aurea, it introduced simple ornaments rhythmically repeating, like garlands, ribbons, trophies, palms.These motives can be seen in the Aurora series embellishing the piece with fine Italian taste: clean lines and drawings intertwining with contemporary elements like diamonds on the vases’ rim. Garlands attract wealth and richness; trophy means nobility. Pure gold defines and highlights precious details; the vase shines and is admired for its natural class.


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