Ceramic vase with bamboo relief

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When it comes to seasons bamboo represents the spirit of summer although it lives throughout the four seasons. In China it is often associated with pine and plum as the “Three Winter Friends.” Bamboo symbolizes integrity, balance, grace, strength and Yin and Yang. When there is a storm with wind that blows the bamboo bends all which ways only to return to its upright position. Bamboo is found everywhere in China and needs very little care to grow and flourish yet when called upon it is ready to render its services for multiple needs and purposes.

Bamboo is an amazing plant and can be used for many things such as building materials, for food, as decorative plants and even to create dividers in gardens. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth that is part of the grass family. Bamboo can reach their full height in just one season which is why it has begun to be used for multiple purposes such as baby clothing, paper, outdoor furniture, fencing, furniture, rugs, blinds and matting.

The vase is an artifact that has always existed in human civilizations. The vase is multifunctional as it can hold flowers, liquid, solid objects or be used to carry materials or simply it can be used as a decorative solution. Vases are made of various materials such as terracotta, ceramic, porcelain, metal, wood, glass and plastic. Like Jars, amphorae, jugs, carafes, alabasters, vases have shapes and designs that hold a historical significance, allowing you to read the traditions and understand the culture of past civilizations.

From the Meiping art of the Imperial China, to the Greek and Roman productions, to the medieval creations up to the modern concepts, shapes, materials, colors, ideas are melted and moulded into extraordinary works that pierce the walls of time.

Extending back to ancient times the vase has represented everyday luxury.Present in humble houses as well as in royal palaces, the vase was a common yet, appreciated art piece that had many uses. Certainly the most famous vases are the Chinese handcrafted ones that represent a millenary heritage. Made of delicate porcelain, painted by master painters, they are an undisputed status-symbol.

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