Ceramic two horses statue in gold and platinum


- Ceramic rearing group of horses statue 
- Meticulously hand painted by our artisans
- 24Kt Gold, pure Platinum
- Unique luxury home decor accents 
- Luxury gifts for horse lovers
- Glamour Design
- Part of the luxury ceramic animal figurines collection
- Best quality Made in Italy

Discover this magnificent ceramic animal production, completely hand painted in pure gold and platinum. The symbolism around the horse knows no bounds and generates infinite interpretations. The horse is considered a mighty, strong, rocky animal and, in many occasions, a faithful companion of adventures.
Despite their independence and autonomy from men, history and literature have given us many examples of intrepid and brave horses who helped the great leaders conquer the world.
From Alexander the Great’s Bucephalus to Napoleon’s Marengo, from Garibaldi’s Marsala to Buffalo Bill’s Brigham, from the fictional Zeus’ Pegasus to Don Quixote’s Rocinante, all these heroic horses have been at the center of all these achievements and stories.
It is no coincidence that the Olympian gods relied on winged horses to run incessantly along the divine paths nor that the horse represents the personification of the god Prajapati, the Hindu deity who protects the right to procreation and fertility. Where the ancient Celts dedicated a deity for the worship of the horses, the goddess Epona.
This art piece was created by Ahura in 1979. Still in production it has been one of the most successful products of the company, this handcrafted ceramic production has been designed in collaboration with the famous sculptor Ireneo Gecchele, a great and important artist. Ahura has always been very active in co-working with artists, sculptors, designers and opinion leaders, leading the company to become a benchmark in the field of ceramic and porcelain production.


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