Ceramic Swan figurine - hand painted details

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- Ceramic swan figurines
- Meticulously hand painted by our artisans, no two are exactly alike
- Traditional painting
- Realistic shape and fine workmanship
- Great gift or a charming decorative accents for your own home.
- Classic Design
- Part of the classic ceramic animal figurines collection
- Best quality Made in Italy

This swan statue will add a deft touch of beauty to your home.

The swan is characterized by a proud posture and an imperial gaze and is one of the most independent and distinctive characters in the animal world. Furthermore, it is a symbol of beauty and finesse representing the aesthetic pleasures. The swan represents an array of attributes including love, grace, purity, beauty, benevolence and finesse. The swan evokes a sense of magic which can be heard in the famous swan song. The symbol of the swan is weaved into poetry, song and the performing arts. One of the most famous tributes to the swan is the ballet Swan Lake that mystifies the audience with the enchanting ‘swan song’. The song is so sweet and so tender, that it can move even the coldest of the hearts.
The flight of the swan is a sort of rebirth in life which leads to self-discovery and the pursuit of peace of mind. For humans to become a swan means to achieve perfection, spiritual evolution, the reintegration in the divine.It is no coincidence that many heroes of Greek and Norse mythology when they died underwent a metamorphosis into a swan.The link between the swan, the sky and the space also offers yet another very interesting point: despite being a bird with majestic wings that make it fly to more distant destinations, the habitat of the swan lake, pond, places then linked to the element of water.
To become a swan means to achieve the greatest perfection, a spiritual evolution, a reintegration into the numinous preparing man to enter a universal paradise.In many Greek and Nordic legends when heroes died they underwent a metamorphosis and transformed into a swan.Moreover the white swan and the candor of its large feathers represent both the birth and the old age of human beings.
The swan is also a constellation called Cygnus and is one of the largest and better known groupings of stars in the Milky Way. The swan is a creature that connects heaven and earth as it flies through the skies with its majestic wings but also finds refuge living on the earth in lakes or ponds. The symbolism of the swan can be traced through history beginning with Greek mythology and extending through to Arab, Christian and Nordic cultures.The swan was the Templar emblem of those who were searching for the Holy Grail, the most wanted and mysterious cup ever described in the western history books. Swans were also messengers of the Celtic gods, which connected the terrestrial kingdom with Walhalla, the underworld.

The Country collection features the most appreciated figures of the animal world. Created by the virtuous artists’ hand which, with the traditional finishing brush techniques, brings to life new and richly evocative masterpieces. This collection has plenty of symbolic and allegorical meanings with original artworks that are sophisticated with fine details.

Available in two variants: Artistic style and realistic style


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