Ceramic round vase with modern floral decoration

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A porcelain ceramic vase with contemporary modern floral decoration.

This line of vases is characterized by a strong contrast effect between the foot and the body. Pure gold finishing exalt an inventive decoration, playing with light and color.

During the Industrial Revolution, product prices were lower as well as the quality. In response to this situation, an Arts and Craft movement began to bring refinement to everyday objects.
Ahura has been inspired by this ideology creating top quality unique and valuable pieces.

In the beginning
In the early 16th century, Portuguese merchants began initiate porcelain trade with China. These exported Chinese porcelains were held in such great esteem that in the English language china became a commonly–used synonym for the Franco-Italian term porcelain. For over 100 years Europeans had unsuccessfully tried to recreate the Japanese and Chinese porcelain , until the 17th century.

Symbol of wealth
Porcelain was used for utilitarian wares as well as artistic and valuable objects. Shapes and decorations were influenced by the historical period; manufactures became symbols of taste and richness. Aristocrats would commission artists to paint portraits as well as make precious things, such as porcelain vases or household goods – which became “art in art”.

A new status symbol
Today we no longer have to be an aristocrat or a king to own a precious and splendid objects, that is luxurious piece of art. Decoration is inspired from the déco style and plays with a clever contrasts between the foot and the body.

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