Ceramic round vase with gold ornaments

SKU: 1982/1/NEWC2

Stunning classic ceramic porcelain vase featuring gold decoration

Fresh and delicate, “Michela” ceramic porcelain vase is graceful and perfect.

This small vase demonstrates an elegant simplicity of design, made perfect by delicate gold decorations. This piece will enhance any floral arrangement, perfectly matching could be shown alone or with other pieces of the New Classic collection.

Ray of sunlight
The sun is the star that warms and lights us; it is often compared to gold for its color and its natural brilliance. In Ancient Egypt, the sun was a deity: it was called Ra and it was identified with Amun, the one responsible for the creation of the universe. For a short period of time, during Akhenaten kingdom, Amun was replaced with Aten, a solar god depicted as rays of light extending from the sun’s rays.

The worship of Aten is the focus of the monotheistic religion established by Amenhotep IV-Akhenaten. This was a revolutionary concept as any man could pray to Aten, praying without the interference of priests. We expirience the force and power of the sun everday, we can see it with our eyes and feel it on our skin.Gold was the favourite material to depict the sun rays. The most famous Egyptian work of art is perhaps the throne from Tutankhamun’s tomb, depicting the young king and his wife blessed by the sun.

Flower of purity
The flower sacred to Aten was the lotus, because it disappears during the night and comes to light every morning. In the same way, Aten was thought to spend the night in the underworld and come back to life at dawn.Lotus is symbol of purity; even if it lives in boggy marshes, its petals and leaves do not get dirty. Today we know that this happens because of its impermeable surface, but before the arrival of the microscope people remained fascinated with the fact that the flower could live unblemished.

In Ancient Egypt there were countless decorations inspired by lotus; this flower was depicted in capitals, in frescoes of temples and tombs, in goldsmiths’ wares, in sculpture. Lotus’s are mostly used for decoration, but can also be distilled to create perfume oil. Other uses include the use of petals in headdresses or garlands, seeds were eaten like our broad beans and the roots were used to create a sleep-inducing effect.

Ancient fascinations Fine ceramic porcelain ‘Michela’ vase embodies the charm of those ancient fascinations. The light decoration brings to mind a flower of lotus with its graceful petals and an elegant shape. Pure gold recalls the sun that is brilliant, majestic and eternal. Ahura has looked at Neoclassicism and the Classical Age, interpreting and creating something new, fusing the ancient art culture to the contemporary.
Everlasting beauty

Ahura created the special blend called Keramnext, which gives both lightness and solidity to a material. The special ceramic porcelain has a fine look exalted by handmade decorations. Particularly this tiny vase is noticed by its grace and elegance. In trendy lilac and violet editions it adds a delicate zest which perfectly matches the natural class of its well-proportioned shape.

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