Ceramic rooster with lifelike details

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- Ceramic rooster statues
- Meticulously hand painted by our artisans, no two are exactly alike
- Traditional painting
- Realistic shape and fine workmanship
- Great gift or a charming decorative accent for your own home.
- Classic Design
- Part of the classic ceramic animal figurines collection
- Best quality Made in Italy


The rooster, the singing bird that reawakens the world.

The rooster is one of the most revered animals in the kingdom of birds having acquired many meanings associated with various elements throughout history. The rooster is associated with elements like fire, the sun and the sunrise which is also attributed to the concept of rebirth and resurrection. All this interweaving of meanings, makes it a divine, transcendent, alienated essence from the traditional terrestrial fauna. In China, for example, there is an image of ‘heavenly rooster’, the bird that sings three times during the day.
The first time is in the morning, when the sun is bathed in seawater, the second is at noon when it is at its zenith and the third, finally, is at sunset, when the sun fall below the horizon to rest. It is believed that when the cock crows at dawn it send off evil spirits. The Ash Yggdrasil legend believes that the rooster sits on its perch and sings as the sun rises to scare off evil spirits. The cock is so associated with the sun as a watchful guardian able to observe everything that happens in the world. This is one of the reasons that many homes have representations of roosters on the roofs of the houses, on weathervanes, door chests or jewelry. Sacred to the sun god Apollo, the rooster became the symbol of the rebirth. But we can not stop here.
The rooster can, in fact, be seen as the sign of the approach of death. According to the Zohar, the rooster sings three times before the death of a person. The rooster is dualistic, it has two faces on the same coin that and can represent life and rebirth as well as death. In addition, the rooster embodies the male characteristic of virility and aggression and in many civilizations the cockfight is in fact an allegory of the struggle between different forces in the world. Ahura offers a ceramic and porcelain product inspired by the rooster. The ceramic and porcelain statue was fully built and decorated by hand by our expert Italian artisans.
The ceramic animal is made out of our patented material Keramnext, which offers the benefits of ceramic and porcelain ensuring greater attention to detail, strength and durability, allowing works to live through generations. The country rooster is part of a fantastic new homonymous collection where the animal world is best represented with natural and pure colors. The Ahura country rooster is therefore a very prestigious piece of pottery and porcelain: suitable for a number of contexts, to decorate, beautify, decorate, or to add to a collection and proudly displayed to your friends.

Available in two variants: artistic style and realistic style


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