Ceramic Roaring Panther statue

SKU: S1866K/B

- Hand made pottery black panther statue
- Swarovski crystal eyes
Glittering Crystal collar
- Perfect for hotel lobbies
- Luxury home decor accents
- Glamour Design
- Part of the luxury ceramic animal figurines collection
- Best quality Made in Italy


If we split the animal world into two groups: predators and prey, the black panther belongs without a doubt to the first group.The black panther has a fierce and threatening look when it opens its mouth showing its sharp teeth; the deadly trap that ends the lives of many of its prey. Unbeatable, in short distances the panther makes a decisive attack that you can not escape nor survive. Determination is innate as it is tireless in times of need. The panther though, is also smart, shrewd and has a considerable psychological equilibrium allowing it to discern accurately and identify the opportune moment to attack. The panther also enjoys his own achievements by sleeping in the cool shade. Invisible at will, with a silent stealth step, the panther is calm, tranquil, self confident and cold-blooded. The lack of haste and hurry is mixed with an extraordinary hearing and, above all, a brilliant view.The black panther prefers the night as the darkness gives it comfort and asylum as the darkness becomes the ideal time to explore the territory alone.

Mighty and majestic, with more than 500 muscles the panther seeks silence and lives in the shadows. It seeks eternal peace jumping to the moon to finds refuge. When it returns to Earth, it is time for the hunting to begin: the black panther is in fact the symbol of the indecipherable darkness, of the charm of the night and the moon and of the death and the rebirth that follows. Born in the Savannah, the panther fits in all habitats.It gets used to the city and the urban environments, because it has no fear of men. If it accepts you, you’re definitively in good hands: the black panther is faithful to those who it decides to protect.

Ahura therefore proposes an exceptional handcrafted product that embodies aggressiveness and power and inspires courage and determination.This piece of art is a ceramic statue that is presented sitting, lurking and rigid. The Ahura ceramic black panther is suitable for those who are ambitious, who want to rise higher in life and for those who feel connected to the spirit of the hunters. Decorated with shiny black glaze, the collar and the eyes are made with original Swarovski crystals.

- This Panther is available in two variants: Black color and White color

All products that are not on stock can be ordered and they will be produced for you, production time is usually 2 to 4 weeks.  

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