Ceramic ribbed greek column

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A ceramic column that illustrate luxury and innovation.

This column can be deemed the symbol of the world’s axis and the the pillar of human beings existence as it recalls the stairway to heaven. This column can also be seen as the symbol representing the tree of life, which connects heaven and earth and merges the earthly and the transcendental elements. Or, the column can be interpreted as a symbol of the rite of passage, such as the Pillars of Hercules that are placed between the rocks of Ceuta and Gibraltar.

Not surprisingly, in order to pass through the entrance of ancient temples you had to pass through columns also knowns as the ‘sacred fence’, in which mortal men worshiped their gods, hoping for a better world and a serene and peaceful paradise. The temples are the masterpieces of the ancient architecture; built so well that some still stand tall and majestic, symbolizing the oldest of civilizations. In ancient times temples represented man’s aspiration to get in contact with the gods and so, to attack a temple meant to attack the inner soul of the city.

Ahura presents a new handcrafted ceramic product, an emblem of the quality of the Made in Italy. The design and the style of the ceramic column is clearly inspired by the ancient Greek culture. This ceramic artwork not only takes its inspiration from the classical and the neoclassical style, but it also revisits the traditional rules of column making, with new and alternative concepts that make it unique and distinct.

From the base to the capital, the vertical column suggests stability, vigor and strength extending a height of 100 cm. The ceramic porcelain column is handmade and covered with pure white glaze. The abacus of the beautiful capital is decorated with 24 carat gold and has a bold form and the long and thick bust’s grooves are very detailed and classy.

This marvelous ceramic piece of art is a fine product of Italian craftsmanship. The ceramic column is an Ionic artistic accessory to help decorate your house and fits perfectly into any fine context.If you are looking for a prestigious idea to highlight your valuable ceramic lamp, your precious porcelain objects or a beautiful flower arrangement, there is nothing better than a ceramic column by Ahura.


- This Column is available in three size and two variants:
Ivory and pure Gold
Black and pure Gold

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