Ceramic peacock centerpiece

SKU: S0052/DDO

- Ceramic peacock centerpiece statue
- Meticulously hand painted by our artisans
- 24kt gold
- Swarovski crystal
- Charming decorative accents for your own home
- Luxury gifts for animal lovers
- Glamour Design
- Part of the luxury ceramic animal figurines collection
- Best quality Made in Italy


This peacock is elegant and classy, decorated by italian master artisans.

Hand painted with richly color, this piece evokes the magnificent plumage of the wild bird in a beautiful work of art. The tail of this peacock is the most attractive and decorative feature, decorated with Swarovski crystals and complete with hues of blue,yellow and green. Perfect solution for any area in your home, will be the bright focal point in any room that needs a lively explosion of color.

This glamour animal collection will glorify your home with its beauty and charm.
With touches of gold or platinum will adds glamour to your decorative home decor.
The items found in this collection are limited and unique items that satisfy even the most refined clientele.
Every piece that is made in our laboratory is made with the utmost care. These works are hand made In Italy by artisans with countless years of experience that handcraft each statue to perfection.


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