Ceramic Owl on branch statue - hand painted details

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- Ceramic owl statue
- Each piece is hand-painted by our artisans, no two are exactly alike
- Traditional painting 
- Realistic shape and fine workmanship
- Great gift or a charming decorative accent for your own home.
- Classic Design
- Part of the classic ceramic animal figurines collection
- Best quality Made in Italy

Add a touch of personality to your home decor!

Small Ceramic Barn Owl that adds character to home furnishing The owl is a mysterious animal with crunched head and small neck and shining bright yellow eyes that can be seen at a distance in the darkest of nights.This small barn owl is widespread in many areas of North America, Europe and Asia, and spends most of his life living and hunting during the night.The owl has excellent eyesight, is agile and patient and does not mind the presence of humans in the vicinity of his home in the hills or the Alps.You shouln't be surprised if we tell you that the owl is an excellent hunter. Wild baby hares and insects have no chance as these birds are very greedy when it comes to their food.Despite many common elements, you can mark the obvious differences between the big owls and little barn owls. The difference between the owl and the small barl owl apart from it being smaller in size (it is almost half the size of a regular Owl), has a body not particularly slender and does not have the details tufts that are present on the head of the long-eared owl. The owl, like many other nocturnal animals, is considered by popular tradition an animal that brings bad luck: many are in fact the superstitious who worry after hearing the owl sing over your house roof.Yet, in the past, the owl was an animal revered by the ancient Greeks in Greek mythology Athena, the goddess of wisdom and wisdom, was in fact represented by the owl. Ahura celebrates this fascinating animal with a series of works in ceramics and high-class porcelain. The ceramic owl belongs to the beautiful and innovative Country collection, which is inspired by the world of animals and is made with pure natural colors. The Country owl is completely handmade by very adept Italian artists and represents the "Made In Italy" brand. This ceramic owl statue come to life using the prestigious Keramnext material, which combines the properties of ceramics with those of porcelain, reducing waste and energy consumption. While at the same time creating a product that has the lightness and fine detail of porcelain. This fascinating piece is crafted to represent the owl second forms, positions, styles and different decorations: the artistic owl may in fact be customized. The Country owl is a ceramic accessory for the most ambitious and unique style, in your favorite local, in your home and in every situation and context to remember. Find the statue ceramic owl that most suits your artistic tastes.


Available in two variants: artistic style and realistic style


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