Ceramic luxury elephant and baby statue

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- Ceramic sitting elephant statue
- Meticulously hand painted by our artisans
- 24kt gold, pure platinum
- Charming decorative accents for your own home
- Luxury gifts for animal lover
- Glamour Design
- Part of the luxury ceramic animal figurines collection
- Best quality Made in Italy

A prestigious gift that represents the strength and the vigor of one of the greatest animals from the Asian and the African continent, able to stand the weight of the world on its shoulders.
The elephant symbolizes dignity, patience, wisdom and longevity and has an important role in various cultures, most specifically in Jataka tales and the Panchatantra. The animal has a primary significance in Hinduism: the god Ganesha’s head is elephant-shaped and the “elephant’s blessings” in a sacred temple are highly valued. Elephants have been used for processions in Kerala, where animals are adorned with festive outfits. In Buddhism, the elephant is considered a sacred animal, because of its bonds with the prophet Buddha. In the Christian tradition, however, the elephant symbolizes the virtue and the purity of the soul.
This piece is attractive because it not only represents the elephant but its role as parent.
The ceramic and porcelain statue depict the elephant mother with her little elephant calf.
The ceramic animals have been hand made by the best Italian craftsmen with the innovative material “Keramnext”, which combines the properties of ceramics with those of porcelain.
The handcrafted decorations have been enriched with bright touches of 24 carat gold and platinum. The ceramic elephants are a symbol of luck and are very appreciated if given as a present. A ceramic masterpiece that fits perfectly in every prestigious and refined context of your house.

- This Elephant is available in two variants:
White and pure Gold, Liberty style
Pure Gold and Platinum


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