Ceramic little duck

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The duck represents loyalty, unity and the pursuit for freedom and has played a significant role
in art and religion.Often sacrificed by the ancient Egyptians and Romans to promote the welfare and the fortune of men, the duck symbolizes the sensitivity, prudence, caution and common sense. This bird also depicts harmony and the strong relationship in a couple, of marital fidelity, of marriage and of motherhood. For instance, if a duck gets injured during the yearly migration to the warmer climate its partner will abandon the journey and the group to stay close to the duck until its recovery or death.Thus, it also becomes a symbol of friendship, protection and teamwork.The duck is also a symbol of sensitivity, prudence, alertness, caution and common sense.

The sweet little duck is part of a large collection of gift items that are sold in the most prestigious worldwide stores and malls. Handmade and hand-decorated, this porcelain ceramic statue is created with the patented material Keramnext, that combines the properties of ceramic and porcelain. This handcrafted ceramic artwork is enriched with 24 carat gold and adorned with bright Swarovski crystals. If you are looking for inspiration, a item to add to your collection or a gift idea, this ceramic little duck is an excellent solution that fits in all refined environments and gives a smile at every moment.


- This Ducky is available in four size and two variants:
Ivory, Salmon luster and pure Gold
Ivory and pure Gold

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