Ceramic large vase with orchid relief

SKU: 1106/BOPL

This ceramic vase is a tribute to nature and the joys of spring.

The floral decorations in the ceramic bust are made to look like an orchid which is a symbol of
harmony and spiritual perfection.The orchid is a flower that should be given to those we love and admire. The Cattleya flower, among the most famous and fragrant orchids, is a flower that best represents lasting love and is perfect to give on Mother’s Day. Orchid flowers are also used on special occasions such as weddings and important ceremonies. In Victorian times the wealthy British people adopted the orchid as a sign of class, luxury and prestige.

The orchid has had many symbolic meanings throughout history including Japanese legends, Confucius writings, Greek mythology and in Italian and French modern literature. A Greek legend recalls that Orchis a charming man loved women so much was thrown to the wild beasts as punishment for daring to woo a priestess. Enchanted by the beauty of the youngster the Gods created a beautiful plant and flower in his honor also known as the orchid. Inspired by this story the orchid has an alternative meaning of sensuality, eroticism and carnality.For centuries, in fact, the orchid flower had been considered an aphrodisiac and was often used for the preparation of love potions or for cures against sterility.It is thus not a coincidence that the orchid seduces the Queen bee mimicking the scent of the insect itself.

The ceramic vase Floral is a prestigious and luxurious handcrafted piece of art.
With a height of 74 cm, the artistic vase has a shape that is reminiscent of the Classic style, but the rich finishings recall the modern age. Handmade and hand-decorated by the finest Italian craftsmen, this ceramic vase has been produced using the patented material ‘Keramnext’, which mixes the benefits of porcelain with those of ceramics.

The vase’s body is decorated with flowers and leaves that evoke the spring.
The neck and the foot of the ceramic vase have been finely decorated while the handles have an original and special shape. The golden and platinum touches as well as the Swarovski crystals make the vase stand out. The ceramic vase is perfect to hold your most colorful and fragrant flowers and to decorate your favorite environments and to give a classy touch to your house. 

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