Ceramic large elephant statue with lifelike details

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- Ceramic elephant statues
- Meticulously hand painted by our artisans, no two are exactly alike
- Traditional painting
- Realistic shape and fine workmanship
- Great gift or a charming decorative accent for your own home.
- Classic Design
- Part of the classic ceramic animal figurines collection
- Best quality Made in Italy


Widespread in Africa and Asia, the elephant has a great symbolic meaning in these areas of the world. In these regions, the elephant embodies many qualities including: strength, royal power, dignity, patience, wisdom and happiness. Because the elephant lives for so long it also symbolizes longevity and memory. The elephant is also bearer of good luck. In some cultures the elephant is depicted in a cosmic way, holding the world on its shoulders. This can be noted in the chess game, where initially the tower was placed on the shoulders of an elephant. The eternal battle between good and evil, white and black, is represented in the 64 boxes as one of the fiercest war dances, waiting for the checkmate’s verdict which marks the end of the game.
For such a big, impressive and important animal it is logical that so many meanings and interpretations are associated it with it. The big ceramic elephant is an exceptional piece by Ahura that solves various decorative needs and gives terrific ideas for your home decor.
Made with the innovative material ‘Keramnext’, the ceramic porcelain animal is curated to the smallest detail.The Ahura ceramic Grey elephant is always a perfect solution for your house furnishings. Indeed, it can also be a great gift idea for your most cultured friends.

The elephant symbolizes dignity, patience, wisdom and longevity and has an important role in various cultures, most specifically in Jataka tales and the Panchatantra. The animal has a primary significance in Hinduism: the god Ganesha’s head is elephant-shaped and the ‘elephant’s blessings’ in a sacred temple are highly valued. Elephants have been used for processions in Kerala, where animals are adorned with festive outfits. In Buddhism, the elephant is considered a sacred animal, because of its bonds with the prophet Buddha. In the Christian tradition, however, the elephant symbolizes the virtue and the purity of the soul.

It is said that once elephants could fly and change shape of clouds until one day they came to earth and took refuge under a tree gathering all their disciples. One of these elephants landed awkwardly bumping into a large branch of a tree which broke and killed many of the disciples.
This incident sparked the anger of the wise one, that he cursed the elephants condemning them to wander on land forever more.

Ahura celebrates proud ceramic statue of this animal so full of personality in the fantastic Country collection, where the animal world is best represented in soft, natural colors. Made with ‘Keramnext’ material, which combines the best properties of ceramics and porcelain these beautiful pieces are made real by the most talented Italian artisans. This piece is perfect for many situations and contexts of furniture as well as a great gift idea or a wonderful way to add a piece to your collection of ceramic.


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