Ceramic krater vase with Empire design | Vinci

SKU: 1523/2/NEWC4

Clean and sharp details light up the prosperous character of this ceramic porcelain vase with a strong but graceful contrast.
Thanks to its considerable size, it is a impacting piece of art. On a console or in the middle of the table it rises with its perfect balance and its natural class.

Timeless charm
Ancient Greek kraters had a large body held by a rounded foot; two handles raised from the bottom. This Ahura’s vase has a similar shape, lighted up by the absence of the handles.
The main function of those vases was to contain vine mixed with water: during symposiums, kraters were positioned in the middle of the room to let servers drew the alcoholic beverage for guests.
Decorations used to be inspired by myths, war deeds, everyday life: meant to be a deep expression of community roots, for us they are a priceless statement of a lost world.

Elegance and beauty
Neoclassicism aspired to the authenticity of Ancient Greece; Ahura takes the example of Neoclassicism and translate both New Classical and Ancient Greek styles into something new.
The shape of this Vinci Cup is that of ancient krater, with a rounded foot resting on a squared base, and a bell-shaped body. Moulding has clearly a New Classical taste: the upper border is decorated with an egg-and-dart pattern which makes light softly slide; smooth body ends onto a rope molding which seems to genlty hold the upper weight. On the foot, the color suggests a groove which raises the whole vase.
Coloured glaze recalls the strong chromatism typical of the Empire Style, and makes it actual with grace and sobriety. A intense solid color stands out on the white background and is lighted up by glares of gold; its smooth surface slows the light down without completely absorbing it. The emblem takes inspiration from old noble coat of arms, which brings virtue and nobility to mind.

Traditional values
Ahura fills its vases with those significances, and brings into your home or into your showroom an elegant and graceful taste of nobility. This big vase is majestic but not flashy; it shines with honour and pours it all around.
A ceramic porcelain New Calssical vase shows confidence, luxury, class; its splendour doesn’t exceed, its charm is always full of harmony.


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