Ceramic Fierce Panther statue

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- Hand made pottery panther statue
- Swarovski crystal eyes
Glittering Crystal collar
- Perfect for hotel lobbies
- Luxury home decor accents
- Glamour Design
- Part of the luxury ceramic animal figurines collection
- Best quality Made in Italy


The black giant panther is one of the best representations of the animal world made by Ahura, with refined detail its ceramic and porcelain art work aims to give a breath of life to this magnificent creature.

The black panther is one of the most majestic and mighty felines, it is an authoritarian, solitary and an independent animal. The panther is powerful, muscular, vigorous, but also agile and fast. An intrepid hunter and guardian of the night, the black panther advances in the dark and does not fear the unknown. Its bright eyes allow it to move stealthily under the reflection of the moon’s light.Feared by the other animals the panther is skillful and cunning and with its slender tail it can capture its prey with one pounce.

The threatening and severe look of the animal reveals its tireless task to protect the family, a role that knows no rest. In past centuries the panther has been depicted in many artistic ways and its symbolism reflects different qualities that make the animal unique and extraordinary. In the African culture, it is the noblest of all animals, the king, the symbol of the tribal chiefs and the leaders of communities.It also has the reputation of maneater; the African depictions of the legendary werewolves have the appearance of a panther. Since ancient times the panther has been feared and revered in the Western culture, not only for its strength, but also for its tireless vivacity. The Romans used to depict the panther with Bacchus, the god of wine, delight and freedom of the senses. In the Christian culture the panther personifies the strength and power of Christ and is the only animal that can threaten and frighten the dragon that symbolizes evil, temptation and the sin.

In most contemporary cultures the animal symbolizes courage and the boldness needed for war. Not surprisingly, the Royal emblem of England depicts three golden lions, with the look of a panther. The panther reveals its charm and appeal in literature as well. The ferocity of the animal is depicted in Sabor, the nemesis of the brave Tarzan.The complexity of his personality is shown in the humorous character The Pink Panther. Lastly, his respectable wisdom is seen in the character of Bagheera in the Jungle Book.

We are very proud to exhibit this marvelous “Made in Italy” product, a ceramic statue that represents the personality of our clients and is suitable for those who want to portray their own inner strength. Ideal for indoor environments, this piece of art is a ceramic decoration accessory which depicts the feline sitting elegantly, lurking and alert, ready to give the most regal and refined welcome to your guests.

The ceramic Giant Panther has been coated with a shining special black glaze, entirely handmade by our best Italian craftsmen. The refined collar around the neck of the panther does not represent the submission to men, but its personal desire and choice to interact with humans. Its fierce, expressive and reassuring eyes are made with original Swarovski crystals. You will be proud to show off the Ahura black Giant Panther in your house or office.

- This Giant Panther is available in two variants: Black color and pure Platinum

All products that are not on stock can be ordered and they will be produced for you, production time is usually 2 to 4 weeks.  

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