Ceramic english setter hunting statue with lifelike details

SKU: 1889/ART

- Ceramic english setter hunting dog statue
- Meticulously hand painted by our artisans, no two are exactly alike
- Traditional painting
- Realistic shape and fine workmanship
- Great gift or a charming decorative accents for your own home.
- Classic Design
- Part of the country ceramic animal figurines collection
- Best quality Made in Italy

Do you love your dog?
Honor your dog with this ceramic sculpture and get one for the hunter or animal lover in your life.

This breed was originally bred as a hunting dog and known for being easy to train and sweet-natured. Brittany’s are all around sound dogs and are excellent family pets. Brittany’s are sensitive, loyal, friendly and eager to please and generally learn quickly. The dogs are active and require frequent exercise and room to run making them a perfect companion for those who are very active. The ceramic brittany is a perfect gift those who are passionate hunters. British pointer dogs are generally used to catch game while Retriever's and Spaniel's to locate the game. Although some believe that this dog was born in France, the name derives from the verb ESPANIRS, which in French means squat. It is also possible that Espagneul name denotes a Spanish common origin with the English Spaniel. The rounded head tapers toward the nose where the nostrils are well developed. It's eyes are deep set and are generally dark amber. It's ears are short, rounded and covered with wavy hair. The tail is often cut off, and ends with a shock of wavy hair. The weight of males generally corresponds to 15 kg while the standard weight for females is equivalent to 13 kg, the height of males is generally of 48-50 cm and for females is 47-49 cm. The coat is dense and slightly wavy, but never shirred, and it tends to be of greater length on the rear. The coat color is white and stained with various hues of orange or red-brown to black.

The Country collection features the most appreciated figures of the animal world. Created by the virtuous artists’ hand which, with the traditional finishing brush techniques, brings to life new and richly evocative masterpieces. This collection has plenty of symbolic and allegorical meanings with original artworks that are sophisticated with fine details.

Available in two variants: realistic style and artistic style.



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