Ceramic dragon large vase

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Ahura once again draws from the most engaging and profound myths and presents a handcrafted object of a rare workmanship: the big ceramic porcelain vase Dragons is inspired by the dragon.

The dragon is a legendary creature connected to a numerous legends extending from different beliefs and cultures. Strong, vigorous, with a deep gaze and a gigantic body size, the dragon is frightful its thick scales, thick neck, whiskers or long wings.
The dragon has all the characteristics of the most powerful animals alive in nature, such as the lion, the crocodile, the eagle and the snake. Governing all four elements the dragon is a creature of power and omnipotence.As ruler of the air, with its immense wings, the dragon affects rules the atmosphere as it can reach the highest peaks.As ruler of the earth, it becomes the guardian of the sacred temples and the hidden treasures. As ruler of the water, it flies over the sea and controls the incoming tides. As ruler of the fire it burns everything it can find when it feels threatened or when it has to protect something or someone.

The dragon is present in the collective imagination of all cultures.In the western world the dragon often appears as an evil being and a destructive bringer or death, with a lethal look that petrifies everyone with no mercy. In the eastern culture, on the other hand, the dragon is a positive creature that brings good luck and wealth. In the Japanese culture the dragon grants wishes, for the Chinese people it is associated with nobility and imperial family.
The creature is so full of personality and character that is is the root of this Chinese saying:
‘When the dragon roars the mountains quake, when the dragon whispers the wise listen.’
This demonstrates how it can simultaneously evoke both terror (generated by its strength and supremacy) and wisdom (because of its experience and old age, having lived with humans for thousands of years).

In the Chinese zodiac the dragon represents harmony and luck which is why many times you will see dragons over the doors of houses to cast out demons and evil spirits. The dragon is also an inspiration for knights representing courage. Many times dragon was an emblem on knights armor and shields. In addition, the legend says that the dragon is also a prodigious miraculous creature because its blood has great healing properties.

The big ceramic Dragon vase is an extremely valuable masterpiece that is very difficult to achieve as it takes more than 20 days of work.The ceramic porcelain vase has a unique and authentic style and is entirely hand made with the innovative material ‘Keramnext’, the patented blend that combines the benefits of porcelain with those of ceramics.

The Dragon vase is elegant and classy, hand decorated with luxurious finishings. This ceramic accessory is embellished with 24 carat gold or platinum, standing out on the dragon-shaped handles with prestigious natural decorations at the base, edges and neck.The choices for the luster customization are numerous: from red to black, to ivory, to brown, to turquoise.
The ceramic Dragon vase is a very tempting idea to furnish and decorate your classy environments, for a perfect gift and a prestigious collection, to create an ‘out of ordinary atmosphere’ to stand out with style. Flowers can also stand gracefully inside the vase, when placed in the right context. The dragon’s hot breath will warm the rooms of your house and the deployment of its wings will donate a vigorous breath of fresh air in all those situations that are hard to please.

- This Vase is available in two variants:
Red, pure Gold and Platinum
Black and pure Gold

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