Ceramic disc valet tray with tribal decoration

SKU: V602/CON1

A ceramic porcelain valet tray, designed with tribal decoration, is classy and exclusive.

Day in and day out
Everyone knows that it is like to get home after a long day at work where you feel the entire weight of the world weighing you down. As soon as you walk through the door to your home you feel like you need to unload making this piece of ceramic artwork perfect to leave your wallet, keys, coins, paper clips, candy or usb drives. Whether your home is a studio, a villa or a designed loft it is YOUR home. Here at home we take care of ourselves and our relatives; we attend to our favorite pastimes or we chill out; here we can put aside the starched suits we wear outside and finally have a place to be ourselves.

This desk valet is a perfect gift for anyone who is always on the run and appreciates coming home.

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