Ceramic Cockatoo figurine with gold accents

SKU: R1624/KLV

- Ceramic parrot statue
- Meticulously hand painted by our artisans
- 24kt gold
- Luster color to give a particular “shining effect”
- Charming decorative accents for your own home
- Luxury gifts for bird lovers
- Glamour Design
- Part of the luxury ceramic animal figurines collection
- Best quality Made in Italy


Painted with luster color, the parrot represents the jungle and is a symbol of luck.
We have used this wonderful ceramic material to create this very beautiful sculpture.
Casting something like this is not a easy job but here at Ahura we love to challenge ourselves which is why we have decided to decorate the parrot with some of the most difficult and precious luster available. It took almost a year and endless tests to develop the best practices to paint lusters on ceramic, a very hard job but with many rewards.
We love what we do and we execute all our ideas no matter how big the challenge. 

All products that are not on stock can be ordered and they will be produced for you, production time is usually 2 to 4 weeks.

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