Ceramic box with crystal chain | Arcade

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Discover the incredible successful Arcade ceramic collection: A perfect box piece for your house.

The Arcade ceramic decorative set is one of the most popular among the Ahura made in Italy ceramic collections.
This refined artistic production takes inspiration from the mysteries of the sky, the stars and from Greek mythology.
This collection is in search of an inexhaustible source of meditation and inspiration, a landmark, a valuable guide, a signal or a symbol.
The ceramic box Arcade is the best solution that offers numerous ideas to furnish and decorate your table and your house.
It can be exhibited individually or with other ceramic items. It can hold anything from jewels to precious objects.
It can embellish a tablecloth or fine woven linen.
With a distinguished design this piece will allow you to create the perfect atmosphere in any situation.

- This box is available in two variants:
Black and pure Gold enriched with golden chain with crystals
Ivory and pure Gold enriched with golden chain with crystals

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