Bell Vase

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Precious decorations and shining metals stand out and catch eye of any passerby.

The simple and clean lines of these vases exalt the precious metallic decoration, with elegant and graceful light and shadow.

Pure metal
A simple but effective decoration stands out on the white background, in a clean and accurate drawing. While Gold is pure light, liquid metal that reflects and seems to shine, bronze takes earth tones also playing with light in a softer way.

Since the dawn of time, gold represented wealth and power. It was used to glorify divinities or kings, it was wearable and it was also used as a currency. For centuries alchemists tried to find ways of changing led into gold, but to create gold would be like cheating death, a mere impossibility. Alchemy gold symbolizes the astrologic and hieroglyphic sign for the sun as gold was assimilated with the stars.

Depending where you live in the world at certain times of the day we here the sound of bells. We may not be able to see the bells but we can hear them far into the distance. This is an example of how a solid metal like bronze can create beauty in so many different ways. Their sound is moving and stirs in us a divine call, like a prayer made of music, which spreads in time and space. These Ahura vases recall the shape of bells, with their tapered body and gently opening lip.

Printed circuits
Constellations most likely born from boundless bright spots in the sky which led to people recreate meaningful shapes as to feel less alone and less frightened in the universe. These evocative fascinations are reflected in Ahura’s vase series. It strives to connect technology to starlit dreams.

A taste of the past
Next to contemporary printed circuit decoration, Ahura offers a taste of the past. The flower pattern recalls crocheted stylized flowers typical of warm and soft hand-made quilts. The white porcelain reflects new vitality, thanks to the strong clean contrast of blue and gold. Light and shadow is balanced in a harmonious movement, which makes this vase an amazing piece to show with pride.

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