Environment: Nature allies

Man is infinitely small in the face of Nature,
but infinitely large if he agrees to join it.

Ahura has an exponentially high respect for the preservation of the environment and natural resources, the proper use of raw materials and energy conservation. Ahura has always placed great attention on these values and engages business strategies and special initiatives aimed to protect the environment, going well beyond the legal requirements. Sustainability has been incorporated within Ahura’s corporate DNA extending from logistics information management, manufacturing of the products to distribution. This sense of respect towards nature is not only something that is practiced at Ahura but a philosophy that is instilled in each member of our staff.

Here is how we do it:

– We have reduced CO2 emissions by 10% by increasing the amount of raw material transported per batch, thus decreasing CO2 generated through transportation.

– Ceramic production requires large quantities of water. To preserve this important resource Ahura reuses 100% of the waste water from the production cycle, resulting in a reduction of 60% of total water needs.

– Thanks to heavy investments in research and development 99% of toxic substances such as lead have been removed from glazes and colors used in the production process.

– Over 50% of the packaging materials come from recycled materials. Additionally, all boxes, cardboard, plastic, wooden pallets, etc … are 100% recyclable.

– The consumption of electricity needed for lighting equipment has been reduced by 50% since the year 2000 thanks to the use of fluorescent lighting and reduced by another 30% in 2015 thanks to Led.

– The raw waste resulting from production cycles are re-used in the preparation of new raw materials, contributing significantly to the conservation of natural resources by reducing the extraction of raw materials by 25%.

– We have made major investments acquiring the best technologies to reduce gas emissions. We have achieved the highest standards in the sector by reducing 80% of the atmospheric emissions, reaching levels 10 times lower than the stringent environmental limits required by the Italian law.

– Ahura ensures the highest standards for the employees.

– The electricity needed is partially produced in-house, meaning that power is generated by high efficiency power plants such as the new hydroelectric turbines.

– The power consumption resulting from the offices has been reduced by 30% using Apple computers that are fully energy-efficient. We are well aware that the road is still long but Ahura is committed to making the world a better place for future generations.
The Ahura environmental philosophy is not new, rather, it is simply based on the idea that every man should love and care for himself and in doing so respect the environment he lives in. We believe that sustainable development has to meet todays needs without compromising the future generations, generating tangible economic and ecological benefits. In this way we strongly invest in the purchases of the best technologies available on the market and strive to minimize environmental impacts in manufacturing activities and logistics management.