“The Universe is a sphere whose radius is equal to the scope of my imagination”.

Ardengo Soffici, Giornale di bordo, 1915



The "LIRA" Lighting Project



When you look at the Lira chandelier, you seem to be catapulted by the universe into a world beyond the stars that you become part of. Lira’s composition carries you along an enchanted adventure; the model of its geometry is unique, innovative and versatile.

A multitude of disks with different diameters that can be regulated in height and can be combined with each other so you can be as imaginative and creative as you like. The result is that your chandelier becomes an interpretation of space within your own architectural model. Whether your ceiling is high or low or your room small or large, Lira will fit perfectly in any type of environment.

The effect of the precious hand blown glass rods create light images that are both refined and original. The magic of Lira will transform any space into something out of this world.



Lira’s base descends through three attractive black nickel-plated steel disks from which sophisticated hand-blown glass rods of various sizes fall in alternating sequence.
You can adjust each module in height as you like offering a feature that, together with the perfect proportions between the discs and the glass rods give you the freedom to create their ever changing geometries.



Watch the video installation of the imponent chandelier "LIRA" in the main lobby of  TAJ SANTACRUZ HOTEL in Mumbai - India.