Ahura Awards

I’m the best, it’s true. But I still think to improve.

To improve is to change. (Churchill) Over the years, Ahura has been awarded a vast amount of awards for its work in porcelain and ceramics. Below you will find a few of these awards.

Chambers of Commerce Gold Medal, Awarded to Ahura after growing in a short period of time having increased exports by 300% in less than two years.

Chambers of Commerce Gold Medal, Awarded for high quality products that represent Italian craftsmanship abroad.

The gold plate ” Marco Polo “, Awarded to Ahura for the company with the highest growth rate of exports for 5 consecutive years.

The prestigious award API industry, Awarded to Ahura for its proven merits in crafts and industry in the Venetian region of Italy.

The prize for best Lean company in the handicraft sector, Awarded to Ahura for heavy investment in the reorganization of production with Kanban and Lean methodologies.