Making History

The experience of three generations.

Ahura has been operating in the ceramics market for over 40 years and is specialized in the creation of unique and precious crafted objects. It produces and distributes Ahura-branded products in over 70 countries throughout the world and has conquered a large segment of the Italian-style market. Ahura’s experience and stylistic approach using natural elements such as water, earth, air and fire, are the secret to creating unique and sophisticated crafted artistic products.

Although Ahura was established in the seventies by Ezio and Flavia Zanardello the family passion for ceramics dates back to the early fifties. The name Ahura, a word deriving from ancient Persia (ahura mazda is the god of knowledge), reveals the desire of the founders to create precious luxury products. Towards the end of the seventies Ahura revolutionized the image of traditional ceramics. Originally based on the expression of the Nove and Bassano schools Ahura modernized its artistic approach by reinterpreting shapes, lines, materials and processes. Additionally, Ahura began to decorate with gold and platinum, design asymmetric shapes and reevaluate new expressions of the classic models. Ahura has reached the highest levels of quality and perfection that have become important benchmarks for the entire ceramic and porcelain sector.

One of the prestigious brands purchased by Ahura during the nineties is the Ronzan brand. This historical brand was published in leading antiques magazines as it was one of the most renowned brands of ceramic models in the early twentieth century. The children of Ezio and Flavia, Luca and Cinzia Zanardello, also inherited the love for art, tradition and innovation. It was thus inevitable that they too would join the company eventually. In 2000 Luca and Cinzia were given executive roles becoming part of the Ahura team. Together with the experience and success of the parents and Luca and Cinzia’s young innovative and imaginative ideas Ahura was able to expand with new collections that included the use of crystal, steel, silk, leather, Swarovski crystal and the purest innovative enamels and new precious metals.

The inexhaustible creative resources and unstoppable growth reconfirmed Ahura as a leader in the sector. Since 2009, the company has been extremely successful in foreign markets leading it to move to a new headquarter. The success of Ahura derives from the excellent quality of selected materials, the special production processes and the procedures invented and patented by the company. Over the years, the collections have been updated with modern trends. Ahura is also the only company capable of producing perfectly decorated ceramics with 24 kt pure gold, platinum and original Swarovski crystals.