Modern Products

A kaleidoscope of objects that can furnish the most exclusive residential properties with products that are refined in design and have sophisticated, modern and contemporary forms. A careful study of trends has enabled the creation of this valuable collection. As each piece is made entirely by hand, each object is unique as no two are the same. Classical and contemporary forms are made with avant-garde finishes. A deep exploration of glazes was conducted in order to obtain unique, precious and inimitable finishes. Colors do not have any pollutants or toxic agents such as lead. The colors are sophisticated and are inspired by nature with shades of green, white and blue. Finishes and shapes are inspired from the 80s POP culture, they are basic and yet, the contrasting colors show the exploration of postmodernism. Animals use primary colors which create a contrast in the animals themselves. These unique collections with large and modern objects contain the essence of hand-made in Italy, a style that has always characterized the Italian design.

Glamour Products

Classically inspired with objects that are very sophisticated and rich, all shapes and finishes are vibrant and glittering, adorned with gold and precious material, fitting perfectly within the world of Glamour. These are products with classic and art deco styles that are born and destined to be in luxurious environments. Today Ahura renews this world with new products and finishes. Textural glazes combined with high-gloss finishes create lively and refined contrasts. Swarovski crystals are combined with matte glazes that are interlaced with stylized shapes and vibrant colors and as well as touches of gold. A rainbow of rich and luxurious products, these pieces can be found in the royal palaces of the Arabian Nights, furnishings which for years have decorated royal residences. The items found in this collection are limited and unique items that satisfy even the most refined clientele.

Classic products

Ahura has a long tradition and experience in products that come from the classical world, a world of traditional forms with objects and furniture. With a classic sophisticated but not exhibited style, this collection takes its inspiration from ancient Greece and the neoclassical style with some influences from Baroque and the Renaissance periods. The basic colors used include solid colors like black, white or gray, colors that enhance the forms. We have also revisited and incorporated textural glazes such as bronze and gold that give an antique feel and a unique texture to objects. These pieces allow for an experience that becomes tactile and not just visual. The various choices in objects, large and small with basic finishes or textural and velvety finishes allow you to place the products in both classic environments or within a very modern refined interior design space. In short, a timeless classic that brings warmth to spaces and makes them comfortable, rich, unique and refined.