Furnish home with artistic ceramics

We believe in making the world a better place, which is why we create and make handcrafted products with a unique and inimitable charm.

Every modern ceramic work is born from research and experimentation. It is the snapshot of a moment and of a successful attempt to accomplish something. The result of a pursuit repeated a hundred times, combining the infinite parameters that transform ceramics: clay, cooking times, temperatures, glazes, paints and metals. There are thousands of choices of production and it is possible to add new elements everyday. New materials, new experiments, new ideas; an accumulation of experiences that crystallize in processes that are worth learning and repeating. This is why there cannot be two identical works, each work creating that first time magical moment. Thus, inspiration finds its own form.

Through the rituals perfected over 50 years of activity the master artisans are able to give a soul to every object that leaves the factory and makes up our collections. All our works are hand painted and strictly Made in Italy.

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Frida Kahlo's own life was a work of art. With Mexican ceramics and Aztec sculptures she created an aesthetic language of forms and meanings. Her world was populated with objects from the pre-Columbian past, which became the founding objects of her artistic activity.

We asked ourselves "If Frida Kahlo lived in our time, what would be her look?" "If you were to see a film by Pedro Almodovar, what style would come from the collaboration between the two artists?" The surreal, colorful, eccentric world of the Mexican painter overlaps with the sets that appear in the frames of the Spanish director, giving rise to a range of colors, materials and shapes that fit into the contemporary context.

Following the trend folk.chic proposed today by fashion and design, this collection distances itself from minimalism, while maintaining a rigor in the scores and in the balance of contrasts. The full and dense color fields are invaded by sensual shapes, flowers, leaves and butterflies. Fantastic animals meet geometric patterns and three-dimensional textures.

Thus, a collection of objects permeated with eccentric elegance is born, which recount fantastic worlds with contrasting decorations but, never excessive. From the museums to our homes, the Mexican artist offers us accessories that bloom, recalling exotic and heavenly atmospheres. We find them in ceramic vases, in coffee tables and in centerpieces. Furnishing accessories with a strong identity value that will make your home unique. Bringing the energy and the Mexican charge with you.

Like the muse that inspired her, the Frida collection by Ahura also cites a femininity that offers no compromises. Choose a style icon to furnish your home!

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Shining Broadway

The sparkling charm of the Broadway of the past inspires a collection of ceramic objects that combine a strong decorative character with geometries and colors similar to contemporary interior design. The symbolic architecture of New York is the background of a magical world of lights and colors, luxury and frenzy. Scenes, furniture, fabrics, jewelry and fashion of that era, are encoded in geometric patterns that highlight the imaginative beauty of ceramics.

The colors are intense but never brash, combined by color gradation underlined by precious metals that give a structural effect to the decorations. This collection is in perfect harmony with the fashion collections launched this year by the main international brands.

The result is a selection of objects for the home that bring back the epochal fascination of glamor lifestyle and excellence. Suitable for the home and contract environment. An industrial-chic atmosphere characterizes the collection as a perfect synthesis of quality and tradition.

Shiny stones, enameled metals, Murano glass, retro ceramics, Swarovsky crystals are not just simple furnishing accessories, but the substance and soul of the house. Attention to materials is crucial. It is an essential part of the collection.

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A variety of shapes, figures and colors alternate in this collection, designed to enchant and amaze. The collection reveals perfect geometries and precious materials typical of Italian craftsmanship: symbols of passion, tenacity and will. It also reserves pleasant surprises.

Objects of simple nature redesigned with broken lines and contrasting geometries. Kaleidos, synonym of beauty, has been chosen as a name to express this multiform and colorful range of ceramic objects. Figurines, favors, fantastic animals, vases, lamps and chandeliers that combine the craftsmanship of materials and workmanship, cutting-edge design with an international flavor.

The strong geometries of decorations meet the delicate lines of ceramics and go beyond the boundaries between traditional and modern, using contemporary graphics and colors, to reinterpret classic styles. Graphic motifs and decorations evoke a recent past that preserves the most intimate aspects of the home and of those who live there.

The cachepot, the centerpiece and the column are inspired by the circus and are created by the Italian designer Gabriele Tumiati. Unusual furnishing accessories that remind us of the perfume of the tent, the clowns, the dancers and the animal tamers, in an amazing riot of colorful cheer. Furnishing your home like this will express irony and give guests an immediate feeling of joy.


From Tribeca to Soho, from Milan to Moscow, these spacious residences have always been icons of the industry of the 1900s. They first welcomed the bohemians and later became homes characterized by unbridled luxury and magnificent works of art.

This is the inspiration that has led us to synthesize a design that traces the architectural lines, the materials and the typical surfaces of lofts all over the world. Made of high ceramic art these items will make your home feel unique. They manage to combine experimentation and innovation, with the tailoring of decorations that are unique and hand-painted pieces. A collection for connoisseurs who appreciate craftsmanship applied to rigorous forms, essential geometries, unusual proportions.

The items featured in the catalog combine the material heat of ceramics, all the expressive power and force that characterizes metals, in their smooth or oxidized versions. The result is a range of products with a vaguely industrial flavor, perfect for giving character and originality to any room. Precious elements that can also be used for contract furniture. An industrial chic style that enters the most prestigious and evocative residences, in private yachts, villas and luxury hotels.

In this collection you will also find many gift ideas, such as the object tray with tribal decoration. The tray can hold our everyday objects like keys, loose change or a candy. A gift of affection that is practical and always current (even to gift to oneself).

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Black is a symbol of mystery and elegance. The absolute color that characterizes the most luxurious Made in Italy furniture. It is something which can embellish your favorite corner of the house. In fact, the opaque black ceramic is often combined with velvet, satin and leather upholstery.

This collection contains different elements which are all united by the total black finish that enhances the forms, capturing the light to transform it into sinuous curves. The dark livery, elegant and minimal, allows each object to impose itself as absolute protagonist of the surrounding environment. Each color is canceled in the presence of black, which at the same time reinforces it's elegant and sensual character which is never banal and always fashionable. While this collection is perfect to emphasize the refinement of the most classic environments, its boldness in character can also be placed in more modern settings.

The matte black contrasts with the delicate nuance of gold creates true jewels of ceramic art. This can especially be seen in the vases finished in matte black and 24 carat gold, which stand out for their aesthetic and attention to detail. These fine objects are both classic and refined in design, offering both innovation and a sense of surprise.

Gift ideas sought by sophisticated taste are the amphora, the pot holder and the contemporary vase. And for those who love greyhound Ahura has immortalized a statue in 1: 1 scale with a haughty expression, in a sitting pose, with his gaze fixed in front of him. In this collection you will easily find minimal chic objects for contract environments and living areas of character.

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Imagine entering a luxury hotel of the early 1900s, to immerse yourself in a unique atmosphere of elegance and refinement. This is the mood that this collection encapsulates, inspired by curved lines, floral designs and pastel shades of Liberty style.

Liberty (Art Nouveau) was the last of the universal styles that crossed the west at the end of the 19th century. Influencing all the arts, including that of ceramics, it was the sign of renewal. The concept from which it was born is based on the premise that art and life must intertwine and that Nature is the main source of inspiration.

An eclectic elegance, which included the elite living in all its forms from furniture to fashion, from architecture to painting, from glass to ceramics.

When luxury is necessary, fine craftsmanship returns. Precious metals appear to define color backgrounds or to give dynamism with refined details. Each subject in the Grand Hotel collection is recognized for its essential shapes, enriched by elaborate decorations in the form of frieze ornaments and precious reliefs.

Furnishing accessories that contribute to create evocative retro atmospheres, perfect for lovers of luxurious furnishings or those that have a passion for Art Nouveau classics. Decor with striking details is ideal for furnishing a home with a romantic and sophisticated style. The Art Nouveau house is not characterized by a particular sobriety; gold and decorations will be the protagonists, along with colored table lamps and ceramics of a thousand shades. Once again, the protagonist of the collection is light, with chandeliers and floor lamps of valuable true icons of the Paris of the early twentieth century.

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This collection evokes tradition, craftsmanship and the purity of essential forms. The collection includes a vast range of simple yet refined objects which adapt naturally to any type of furniture.

A timeless collection, intense yet familiar, where natural hues complement the colors of the sea, earth and fields that are softened by pastel shades. This collection is perfect for a house by the sea, in the mountains or the countryside where scents and colors are relaxing. The style of furniture has country feel, combining light-color woods, old chests and rich cashmere plaid.

The smooth and rough surfaces alternate in a perceptive contrast, giving rise to splendid textures in precious, opaque or crystalline materials that are sober, refined and pleasant to the touch. Irregular profiles define sinuous forms, shaped by expert hands or forged by time. Modern and unconventional objects that are perfect for different environments: from the mountain chalet to the villa by the sea. Also ideal for small spaces.

The products in this collection enhance the primordial characteristics of ceramics, reviving it with hand-crafted and instinctive finishes.

A rustic style that meets white and black floors in places found in dreams.


Enter an adventurous world of hidden treasures and fantastic animals, which inhabit impervious mountains, enchanted lakes or crowded metropolises. In this world we mustn't forget that there are also domestic and wild animals, their iconic shapes and colorful liveries are minutely reproduced on a natural or reduced scale by master potters. These objects act as talismans that furnish and protect the house.

The duck embodies an initiatory journey, for the migration that takes place every year recalls the spiritual quest and the cycle of rebirth. Associated with immortality and the goddess Isis, it is a well-wishing gift idea.

The eagle symbolizes cosmic power in many cultures. He is the king of all the birds, the lion of the sky, as he ascents and reaches far beyond mountain peaks. The eagle is like the man who approaches the sun without being burned, assimilating the power of it's rays. It is the opposite of the serpent that symbolizes the darkness of the earth.

The dog contains many qualities, from the loyalty of Argo, to the protection of the God Anubis of Ancient Egypt, to the most recent protagonists of holliwoodian films. Sweetness, security and innocence, are qualities that many would like to find in people close to us and in the spaces they live.

And the zoo does not end here, because in this ideal parade we could not do without fawns, dragons, giraffes, hawks, cats which are decorated and painted by hand.

This vast collection is able to fascinate anyone. These are all accessories that can furnish your home with style. The qualities of ceramics blended with painting make furniture accessories vital. Capable of conquering anyone and instilling an sense of amazement. These are examples of the precious details of ceramic art in the most exclusive interiors.


The inspiration taken from the world of textiles makes this collection more welcoming. Romantic references to ethnic prints, handmade embroidery, piqué fabrics and geometric patterns contribute to a feeling of balance, serenity and harmony. A selection of ethnic, tribal or naïf forms and symbols, inspired by distant worlds, emerge as dynamic ornaments. A style that overturns the classic canons of furniture we are used to.

The simplicity of the triangle, the perfection of the circle, the linearity of the square are essential geometries of each object that live through chromatic sectors and minimal decorations. The graphic character of the collection allows you to combine different items for the home, creating different combinations. Essential lines, embellished with unusual shapes and vibrant colors reinterpret classic craft decorations.

The ancestral forms, which have simplicity as a fulcrum, have a modern allure and enhance the traces of the workmanship. Furnishing objects that can be combined with very different styles and interpreted as a breath of transgression. The elements in this collection will have more difficulty expressing their essence in crowded environments. They will fit very well, however, in minimal environments and will give a touch of personality.

Accents is a collection of natural and feminine inspiration, full of vibrant energy. Ceramic accessories designed to express contemporary taste and adapt to style-rich environments.


All the pieces in this collection have one thing in common: they are embellished with Swarovski crystals. They are objects capable of emitting a precious light that is reflected in the surrounding environment, making it magical and exclusive.

The very fine ceramic meets the most precious crystals, turning these handmade ceramics into absolute masterpieces of elegance and refinement. Exclusive accessories, ideal to give a touch of magic to luxurious interiors.

Home accessories characterized by material contrast, bright colors, metallic vibrations. Elegant in shape, characterized by maximum attention to detail and finished by the best master craftsmen. These pieces give life to an original and unusual collection. The perfect fusion between tradition, contemporary design and new forms.

A collection of unique home accessories, in which you can also find everyday objects. From the table lamp to the classic vase with gold details, from the chandelier to the column. This collection is filled with numerous gift ideas.

There is nothing missing in this collection. For instance, the symbol of lion that is hand-painted, decorated with 24 carat gold and platinum, is perfect to welcome guests in large villas, historic buildings and renowned hotels.

But we cannot forget the leopard, the peacock, the Siberian husky and the snail as well as other small furnishing accessories in artistic ceramics that you can easily place anywhere in your home.


The protagonists of the collection are the colored patterns and the decorations inspired by retro motifs. Objects, shapes and animals emerge from the past in a new guise to give a sense of charm and irony to furniture. A collection designed to amaze, where opposites meet and different functions overlap. Again, we see how iconic furnishing accessories can give vitality and color to any corner of the house. An avant-garde vintage style that draws from the trunk of memories, reinterpreting metallic finishes and bright colors, to express new decorative expressions.

The versatility is what characterizes this distinctive collection that passes from the samurai to the Venus of Canova, from mammoths to dogs bathed in color, from monochromatic dinosaurs to blue fruits. A collection that pays tribute to irony, combining classic ceramic techniques with the choice of unusual subjects.

A collection that can make spaces contemporary and evocative.

The retro taste is revisited and declined into iconic pieces. A new type of vintage designed for the architectural scene and contemporary interior design. The collection includes coffee tables and kitchen furniture in ceramic, glass and metal. Veri is for lovers of avant-garde ceramics and vintage collectibles.


The golden age was a mythical era, rich with goods. The lands didn't need to be cultivated because fruits grew abundantly and spontaneously, wars did not exist, it was always spring. This myth is inspired by spontaneous beauty, the happiness of men who live in harmony with deities and with nature.

The Ahura Golden Age collection is characterized by a soft light that transforms each piece of furniture into wonderful design elements to collect. The opulence of the decorations meet a minimal design, in search of balance between form and content. The dominant colors are white and black, embellished with gold backgrounds. These precious reflections underline the richness of each product, exalting style in the most refined environments. 24-karat gold crosses history and embellishes style, allowing it to go beyond all current fashions. Classical beauty meets the desire to experience contemporary. Cherubs and unicorns that live in a distant era bring this elegant and precious collection to life.

Furnishing a home with the Golden Age collection means creating scenes with a strong aesthetic impact and timeless identity.


This collection is inspired by the splendor of a distant era but is now reborn, reawakening and becoming a source of inspiration. An excellent collection of contemporary French elegance to create luxurious and refined environments.

A succession of curved lines, sinuous shapes, refined decorations and precious details shine with new light in a collection of unique and inimitable objects. A vast range of statues, vases, ornaments, furnishing accessories, small architectural models, guarantee a total look of Baroque inspiration. This collection transports you to the late eighteenth-century Versailles and to the complexity of Marie Antoinette's style.

Ideal to recreate the beauty and sumptuousness of the interiors that once were. Or else, you can choose an individual piece to give a historical touch in any corner of the home or office.

The choice of subjects reveals timelessness, light and modern lines that evoke past, present and future. Like the chandeliers that stand out for their refinement, suitable for framing the airy halls of the most prestigious hotels.


The Neoclassical style, symbol of elegance and proportion of form, but also of majesty and power, inspires this ample collection of accessories. All the subjects represented respect the aesthetic canons of the Napoleonic era, to give life to sumptuous and unique environments.

Napoleon's political vision of the neoclassical was functional to the construction of the Empire. Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, ceramics were produced in the wake of the vast phenomenon that was about the discovery and reinterpretation of the ancient world, something that the Emperor appreciated a lot. In fact, when he visited the Moscow family, on the 6th and 7th of February 1797, he paid homage to them with a rich and refined service of French porcelain from Darte Frères (originally around 190 pieces). It was the epoch in which rulers had grown tired of redundant baroque tinsel and had chosen to take refuge in the balanced beauty of Ancient Greece.

A formal cleaning of style that can also be seen in Ahura's Imperial collection, designed to meet the needs of demanding and refined clientele. This collection enhances the taste for objects with an ancient fascination, full of charm and able to impose itself as an absolute protagonist in prestigious environments. With great skill it combines the neoclassical style, ancient and stern, with sunny beauty of the decorations.